With March comes Spring and the start of a new chapter at Mount Noddy Animal Centre and for the branch as a whole. We are having a name change and will now be known as RSPCA Sussex West Branch to better reflect our geographical area.

As you can see from the map, we cover a much larger area than just Chichester and we are planning on having more of a presence overall. One way we are aiming to do this is with our Donate Don't Dump campaign. We will be visiting towns and villages through West Sussex with our van to collect donations for our charity shops. Keep an eye on our social media and shops to find out where we will be each week, and come down to donate unwanted items and say hello.

Mount Noddy Big Build

We have now passed our completion date, and welcomed our first feline residents into the new cattery. Millie and Lottie came in on the 1st March as their owner was moving into assisted living. They have settled in well and the team are definitely enjoying having cats back at the centre after a year without. The maternity pens are awaiting their first litter and we are sure it won't be long as kitten season appears to be in full swing. We had a litter born in foster care on the day of Storm Eunice. Mum Amora gave birth to 4 healthy kittens who are named Storm, Eunice, Dudley and Hooley.

As part of the cattery design, one of the Animal Care Assistant created an idea of combining the steps with a seat for volunteers and staff to sit on to socialise the cats. This means we can utilise more space in the pens for cat enrichment such as scratching posts and hiding places.

Shel has been an Animal Care Assistant with the branch since 2016, and last year became our Senior Cat Care Assistant. She also takes her work home occasionally and fosters cats needing a bit more TLC. One recent brood made the ITV news. Mum cat Michelle is 6 months old from a multi cat household. She had 4 kittens, 3 boys and a girl. IOW branch got in touch as they had a sick nursing queen and asked if we had a litter that the kitten Athena could join. Although Michelle took to her straight away Athena struggled to latch on meaning Shel supplemented her feeding round the clock. Jack the site manager for Beard was looking for a pair of kittens and the whole litter is being adopted by him and his Fiance's family in a couple of weeks.

The kennels are also looking wonderful, and are having the final touches done over the next week ready to welcome some canines in. Watch this space for more updates on who our first doggy lodger will be! The kennels also comprise a quiet isolation area for dogs that needs a bit more medical attention or just a bit of peace and quiet.

The kennels all have their own individual run and will look out onto a courtyard, for visual stimulation. Beard have generously donated the materials for, and built planters for us. We are planning on filling them with gorgeous smelly, bee and butterfly friendly flowers!