The cat pens have now been fitted in the new cattery building and we are so pleased with them. There are shelves for the cats to sit on, and our innovative steps with built in seat for volunteer cat socialisers are also going in now. The cattery feels light and airy, but the welfare of our felines is top priority. The pens will have frosted glass between them so they are unable to see each other and they will have places to climb and hide too.

The flooring for the kennels is still being completed. We have had some unexpected flash flooding, and so extra drainage is being installed to future proof the site further.

The reception area internal ceiling has been clad and we think it looks beautiful. the link to our existing cottage has 2 private meet and greet rooms, with the ground floor of the cottage being converted into an open plan office and conference room for visitor meetings.
The existing kennels building are now being converted into our hydrotherapy, clinic suite and grooming facilities, the timber frame for the extension to the building is being constructed now.

After a minor delay due to a nest of fledgling pigeons, the staff car park is now underway, with the ground works completed, the new surface is going on now!

The barn is being opened up, to provide a bigger space for the dogs. We would love to be able to offer puppy classes ran by our Behaviour and Welfare Advisor in the future.