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branch trustee

Location: Home based/Mount Noddy Animal Centre
Time commitment: Monthly meetings approx. 2 hours.
Preparation time reading / preparing meeting papers. Attendance at events & hands on role

overview of the trustee role

To provide governance and strategic direction to the charity. To attend monthly trustee meetings, mostly in the evening. Trustees are expected to make a practical hands-on contribution and to commit sufficient time to read papers prior to meetings and participate in email/phone communication between meetings and other activities as required. 

you will have the following skills and experience

  • A passion for animals and a commitment to make a difference.
  • Sound business, management and strategic skills. 
  • Ability to work collaboratively and lead on specific pieces of work.
  • Bring different experiences and new ideas to the Board, especially in income generation and fundraising events, social media and charged for services that complement the charity’s objectives.
  • Attend events organised by the branch and to act as an ambassador for the branch and external events and networking.
  • Willingness to make a practical, hands-on contribution to the operation of Mount Noddy Animal Centre and branch affairs.

chair of the fundraising/events sub-committee

There is a vacancy for a trustee to also be Chair the fundraising sub-committee, to lead and support our fundraising / events. 

your key responsibilities include

  • Coordinating and chairing meetings (every 6 weeks)
  • Identify and recommend fund-raising opportunities.
  • To recruit and motivate a team of fundraising and event volunteers.
  • Develop partnerships with local businesses, community groups and schools.
  • Coordinate community fundraising events from pub quizzes, and sponsored events to an annual Dog Show.

you will have the following skills and experience

  • Ability to recruit, train and motivate fundraising event volunteers.
  • Experience of working in fundraising and other types of income generation
  • Knowledge of corporate fundraising techniques including Charity of the Year, sponsorship, donations, Corporate Social Responsibility, and marketing would be an advantage.
  • The ability to lead on organising events and make things happen.

This is an unremunerated role and have responsiblity under Charity Law as a trustee and RSPCA Branch Rules.  Further information on the role of a trustee can be found on the Charity Commission website where you can download leaflet  the Essential Trustee – What you Need to Know. 

Mount Noddy in Eartham are fantastic and wonderful and really helpful and they are so informative.