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lost and found

If you’ve lost your pet or found a lost animal, follow our advice to help reunite pets with their owners.

lost your pet

Losing your pet is overwhelming, here’s what to do step-by-step:

  • Contact your pet’s microchip database and report them missing.
  • Check the local area – contact local vet surgeries, nearby animal hospitals and rehoming centres.
  • Report your missing pet on Animal Search UK.
  • Check social media for reports of locally found pets.
  • For a lost dog contact your local dog warden.
  • Contact the Police if you believe your pet has been stolen.

animal search uk

Animal Search UK is the leading search service for missing pets in the UK. Any pet found by the RSPCA will be registered exclusively with Animal Search UK. Using their animal matching database will help link animals with their owners who have registered their missing pet.

The site is:

  • Easy to register your pet as missing
  • Advice and information available 7 days a week
  • Successful at reuniting animals with their owners

found a stray pet

Here are the steps to take if you find a lost pet:

  • Contact local vet surgeries to check if the animal has been microchipped.
  • Contact animal hospitals and rehoming centres.
  • Check Animal Search UK to see if the found animal is registered.
  • Use social media to announce you’ve found a pet.

Even though adopting an older dog can be challenging I wouldn’t change Bliss for the world, I adore him