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the care they deserve

We have lots of information available to help you understand your pets needs and offer them the care they deserve. Whether you are an experienced owner, or looking at getting your first pet, we can help you discover all you need to know.

canine adolescence

The media is often flooded full of puppy advice and puppy classes, but when it comes to adolescent dogs, owners can feel alone. People will often research how to care for and train their new puppy, but many are overwhelmed by behaviours that emerge once the puppy stage is over.

dog enrichment

Enrichment can be used to improve a dog’s quality of life and their welfare. We use enrichment a lot in kennels, however it is also a good tool to use in the home to help keep your dog busy, happy and even distracted when facing a potential stressor.

fear free vet visits

Visits to the vet can unfortunately be a stressful experience for some pets and their owners. Although the appointments are necessary in having their physical and medical needs met, it is up to you as an owner to ensure their mental welfare and emotional state of mind is not neglected in the process.


Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, commonly known as ‘FIV’ is a viral infection that causes a weakened immune system among cats.

happy howl-o-ween

If you have a puppy, nervous dog or recently adopted animal, Halloween can be a strange time of year; people wear bizarre costumes, the doorbell constantly ringing, often outside noise and sometimes noisy/different decorations around the house.

practicing a dog-friendly greeting

It is widely encouraged that nobody approaches and touches a dog they are not familiar with, but even when we are given permission from owners, not everybody knows how to practice a dog-friendly greeting in which takes into consideration that just because the human said we could, doesn’t mean the dog gives its consent.

keeping your dog calm this firework season

Simple tips to help your dog this firework season.

mount noddy animal centre is an amazing facility. it’s really impressive to see the dedication of the staff in rehabilitating the animals.

Ben Fogle – Award-winning broadcaster and adventurer