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rehoming an animal

Each animal that comes into the branch is treated like the individual they are. Our behaviour and welfare adviser works closely with the animal care team to assess each dog and cat, to ensure we find them their perfect home.

finding new homes for cats and dogs

Thank you so much for looking to rehome a cat or dog from Mount Noddy Animal Centre. It is such a wonderful gift to give an animal that has not always had a good start in life, a second chance to live the best life with their forever family.

We believe that matching the right cat or dog with the right adopter is essential for a successful bond to develop and for our rescued animals to flourish in their forever homes. We take each adopter, their home environment and circumstances on merit whilst having the best interests of the cat or dog at the heart of our adoption process.

Why should you rehome a rescue? 

  • Our rescue animals will have had a full health check by our vet, and come fully vaccinated, microchipped, and up to date with their flea and worm treatment.
  • Have been neutered or, if they’re not ready for this, you will be given a neutering voucher.
  • You are helping to free space at Mount Noddy Animal Centre, so we can help more animals in need. 
  • Adoption fees are significantly less money than going to a breeder or buying from another source. 
  • We provide 4-weeks free pet plan insurance.
  • Our amazing animal care and behaviour team are here to help you and your new pet once home. Having this post-adoption support in the initial stages of adoption, can ease your mind and provide you with the support that you deserve. 

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rehoming a dog

Every dog at Mount Noddy has a unique character, quirks and lots of love to give — and it’s our job to help you find the one that’s perfect for you and your lifestyle.

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rehoming a cat

Our experts take the time to get to know more about you and what you’re looking for in a cat, because making the best possible matches matters to us.

support from our team

Whilst you have a foster animal you will have access to support from our experienced animal care team. We will stay in touch whilst you have the animal, give you guidance and if you require extra support, we will be happy to facilitate that. If you do decide that you are willing to take on a dog that is following a training programme, then you will also have access to support provided by our behaviour team, which will include updates and progressions for the dog.

There are often no set time frames, and each case will be unique. Before you take on any foster animal, we will discuss all the relevant details with you, we will accommodate your needs where possible. All our foster arrangements are made in accordance with the needs of the fostered animal, and we aim to make it an enjoyable experience for our foster volunteers too. Some animals may be able to live with children, and other pets, be left for a time during the day whilst fosterers are at work, whilst others may need 1:1 attention in a quiet, pet and or child-free home with someone there most of the time. 

giving up your pet for rehoming

What to do if you are thinking about giving your dog or cat up for adoption.

Frequently asked questions

It costs over £700,000 a year to operate Mount Noddy Animal Centre.  When you adopt a cat or dog, we ask you to pay a donation towards the cost of your pet’s care and veterinary treatment during their stay with us. Find out more

We have an open intake policy and take on cats and dogs from various backgrounds, each with their own behavioural and medical history. Dependent on the nature of how they come into our care, sometimes we don’t receive any information about them at all. All our animals are assessed on arrival and have ongoing assessments throughout their stay to help us find them the best home, where they can feel safe and happy, with a family suited to their personality, history and requirements. The animal may have a history of being unable to cope living with children or known behavioural issues that make them unsuitable to be rehomed with them and limited background information means we cannot safely test this. These decisions are made with the animals welfare and the safety of adopters as a priority.

When you take your new pet home, that’s not the end of the journey for us. Along with four weeks’ free pet insurance from PetPlan (terms & conditions apply), our animal care team will be on hand to help you settle your new pet in.  Occasionally, once rehomed things don’t work out or an adopter’s circumstances change, if this does happen, we guarantee to take our animals back. 

Happy tails

Read some of our Happy Tails from cats and dogs adopted from Mount Noddy.


The beautiful Bea was with us at mount noddy for 9 weeks and after being returned to us after adoption, not once but twice! She has finally found her forever home, Bea was adopted in February 2023!


Mitch had an eventful life prior to coming into our care. After multiple homes he was signed over to the branch and settled into kennel life. The team fell hard for him and were so happy he found his forever family to love.


The beautiful Bea was with us at mount noddy for 9 weeks and after being returned to us after adoption, not once but twice! She has finally found her forever home, Bea was adopted in February 2023!


Sweet old Lilibeth, now known as Lilly Belle, had spent many months in the cattery, unwanted due to both her age and medical requirements. Patiently she waited with us, until finally her day came to be adopted.


Dobby came to us after being surrendered by his owner. He underwent a handful of surgeries, including BOAS (Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome) on his palate in order to help him breathe, as unfortunately his breed are renowned for such difficulties due to the breeders desire for shorter noses.


Susan came into us as a stray with a litter of kittens, at only about a week old. This young lady was untrusting of people and protective of her kittens, so was left to care for them whilst we built trust with her by reading to her outside of her pen. In time, her kits grew up and were adopted out, but Susan was still left untrusting of people.


Molly was adopted from us back in early January 2020 and has spent the following months living her life in luxury with her forever family.


Toyah came into Mount Noddy’s care with some behavioural issues that meant making friends with people took time. Until she had befriended the staff here, she found life in kennels quite stressful. As she bonded with each team member, Toyah delved into a world of training and fun and her confidence and trust in people steadily grew.

Alec & Harri

After coming into our care from a multi-cat household together and spending 5 weeks at Mount Noddy, they have both settled into their new home. It’s always lovely hearing how our furry friends are getting on with their new families and seeing photos of what they are getting up to.


Formerly known as ‘Rosie’, who was adopted in February 2020, after going to her forever home.


 Dottie’s stay with us lasted just over two months; the average for a cat here with us. She was a lovely cat who adored sitting in your lap any chance she got and now, her owners have the pleasure of enjoying her company. 


After coming in to us at the end of September with several other cats and kittens from a multi-cat household, Donny (who is now named Bobby) has found his forever home a month later and was adopted at the end of October 2020. He has settled into his new home really well and his new family couldn’t be happier with him.


Beautiful Lara came to us incredibly nervous of new people and surroundings. With patience and gentle encouragement she bravely left her kennel after a couple of weeks and from then, made bonds with kennel staff and developed into the wonderful, loyal and playful pup she always was at heart.


Ulfric and his two siblings were found abandoned and in poor condition. Staff member Anya took it upon herself to foster all three at home and nurse them to full health, but only two left!


Sasha came into our care as a transfer from another branch due to the unfortunate passing of her previous owner. This loving, elderly girl was adopted 6 months ago after spending 9 weeks at Mount Noddy and it’s clear to see she couldn’t be happier!


Patches, now named Nala, came into our care from a hoarder house with numerous other cats that also found their forever homes from us.


The lovely Beam was with us for 4 months before being adopted into his forever home in late January 2023.


This intelligent, lovely boy did great tutoring some of the younger dogs on how to lead walk and play nicely, and it was soon fostered out into a lovely family that were keen to adopt!

Jenny & Rosie

The lovely girls, Jenny and Rosie came to us after being transferred from another RSPCA branch and were with us for 4 weeks before they were adopted into their new loving home.

mount noddy animal centre is an amazing facility. it’s really impressive to see the dedication of the staff in rehabilitating the animals.

Ben Fogle – Award-winning broadcaster and adventurer