Group 10

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fundraising events

Role title: Fundraising Events
Location: Mount Noddy Animal Centre and other venues
Reports to: Chair of Fundraising Committee

purpose of the post

To increase income for the branch by helping to organise local fundraising events.

tasks and responsibilities

  • Participating in planning meetings both virtual and in person.
  • Securing prizes for raffles.
  • Setting up and clearing down an event.
  • Running a stall at an event.
  • Welcoming and talking to members of the public.
  • Assisting with the smooth running of our events.
  • Helping with promotion of events, putting up posters etc.
  • Communicate/report any errors or issues to the Chair of the Fundraising Committee.
  • Be mindful of health and safety good practice and work accordingly.

Our events vary massively from our annual dog show and quiz nights to coffee mornings and encouraging our supporters to raise funds for us. Hopefully, there will be something to interest everyone!

Mount Noddy in Eartham are fantastic and wonderful and really helpful and they are so informative.