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Molly was adopted from us back in early January 2020 and has spent the following months living her life in luxury with her forever family.

here’s a little message from her adopters

 “We adopted Molly in January 2020 after losing our Husky on November 19. Molly didn’t show off her true personality when we met her at the centre, she was quite shy! However, when we brought her home she strutted out of her carrier and plonked herself on our bed to sleep. She’s been brilliant ever since, she’s even learnt ‘sit’, ‘paw’ and ‘spin’! She’s a very clever little girl and she’s an absolute pleasure to live with, even if she does hog the bed! We’re forever grateful to the amazing team at Mount Noddy for our darling girl, especially Becca and Sam for showing us around and telling us about Molly’s little personality that she refused to show off!”

Adopted my Bulldog Annie from here in March. A home check was carried out, visited the centre three times tomeet my dog and met the behaviourist, met most of the staff, are very willing to answer any questions I had evenafter adoption. Gave me the full explanation of my dogs health at the time and with vet documentation and anypast she has or behaviours. All staff were so lovely, treat the pets with so much love and care. Was an amazing experience! Annie’s settled into our family so well