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Formerly known as ‘Rosie’, who was adopted in February 2020, after going to her forever home.

here’s a little message from her adopter

 “She really is such a darling and loads of other people are saying so when they meet her. We have found that she is a very intelligent dog, she gets through those Kongs in no time, just too easy for her. She is also a sun lover (must be from her time in sunny Greece).” 

We are so happy to see how well she has settled in and how much she is loving her new home.

I got a cat from Mount Noddy in December 2019, was a lovely easy process and he is more than I could have hoped for, such a wonderful cat. I also have since adopted some working cats for my stables and again MN were lovely and made the process of getting them home and setup very smooth. Wonderful people and place, couldn’t recommend them enough’