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Sasha came into our care as a transfer from another branch due to the unfortunate passing of her previous owner. This loving, elderly girl was adopted 6 months ago after spending 9 weeks at Mount Noddy and it’s clear to see she couldn’t be happier!

here’s a little message from her adopters

“She is such a lovely girl and has settled into our home perfectly, we love her loads! Sasha is such a cuddle bug and is still very demanding with what she wants. The pawing is generally reserved for 3am when I don’t respond to her demands for strokes due to being asleep! She loves exploring outside and mostly just stays in our garden but occasionally ventures a garden or two further. 

Despite her calm loving demeanour, one of her favourite ways to pass a sunny day is sitting and guarding her garden from all neighbouring cats. She is currently not spending much time outside as the window sill above a radiator is more appealing! 

Thank you for adding such a lovely fur baby to our family.”

 We are so delighted to hear how well she is getting on and how settled and happy she is in her new home. She has definitely found her perfect match and her forever family!

I got a cat from Mount Noddy in December 2019, was a lovely easy process and he is more than I could have hoped for, such a wonderful cat. I also have since adopted some working cats for my stables and again MN were lovely and made the process of getting them home and setup very smooth. Wonderful people and place, couldn’t recommend them enough’