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Susan came into us as a stray with a litter of kittens, at only about a week old. This young lady was untrusting of people and protective of her kittens, so was left to care for them whilst we built trust with her by reading to her outside of her pen. In time, her kits grew up and were adopted out, but Susan was still left untrusting of people.

Staff worked daily with her to build confidence and develop a bond and in her own time, allow her to come around and shed her nervousness to accept and enjoy affection. Whilst we were able to help Susan reach this milestone, she often didn’t know how to receive affection, and so touch could over-arouse her and lead her to react defensively. 

Despite these little setbacks, her adopters visited regularly to build a bond with her and continued her training in the home post-adoption. Now, thanks to their love and perseverance with her, she has bloomed into a wonderful family cat.

here’s a little message from her adopters

 I’d just like to share with you an update on how Susan has been doing over the last few months since adopting her, after what has seemed like an awfully long year it’s safe to say little Susan has found her forever home with us. She is so much more comfortable here and has bonded with me massively, she is now following me everywhere I go most of the time, I can sit and stroke her and scratch her chin, she even likes to rub her face against mine. To think she started off being shy and anxious to being comfortable and running this house like she owns it. She’s comfortable sleeping on our bed and she’s now comfortable jumping onto the bed when both me and my partner are on it, she’s very vocal at night and loves to knead her blankets and purr like a tractor. I have attached some photos so you can see how much she’s changed. 

Thank you all so much for pairing us with this amazing cat.”

Adopted my Bulldog Annie from here in March. A home check was carried out, visited the centre three times tomeet my dog and met the behaviourist, met most of the staff, are very willing to answer any questions I had evenafter adoption. Gave me the full explanation of my dogs health at the time and with vet documentation and anypast she has or behaviours. All staff were so lovely, treat the pets with so much love and care. Was an amazing experience! Annie’s settled into our family so well