Group 10

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Toyah came into Mount Noddy’s care with some behavioural issues that meant making friends with people took time. Until she had befriended the staff here, she found life in kennels quite stressful. As she bonded with each team member, Toyah delved into a world of training and fun and her confidence and trust in people steadily grew.

 Due to her history and reactivity, Toyah spent over a year being overlooked due to her size, strength and breed, but eventually, her forever family found her!

here’s a little message from her adopters

 “Toyah has been an absolute dream in her first week home! Her character is already really starting to show. There are a few things that will take time to work on with her, but the amazing team at Mount Noddy have done an incredible job in getting Toyah to where she is now and they’ve given us so much advice and support to continue on this journey.” 

“She is absolutely obsessed with chicken breasts and duck meat. She loves football on a rope and has just discovered big sticks in the garden!”

We wish Toyah all the best in her forever home and thank her adopters for giving her the time, patience and love she and all other animals deserve. 

Adopted my Bulldog Annie from here in March. A home check was carried out, visited the centre three times tomeet my dog and met the behaviourist, met most of the staff, are very willing to answer any questions I had evenafter adoption. Gave me the full explanation of my dogs health at the time and with vet documentation and anypast she has or behaviours. All staff were so lovely, treat the pets with so much love and care. Was an amazing experience! Annie’s settled into our family so well