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keeping your dog calm this firework season

Here are some simple tips to help your dog this firework season.

helpful tips

  • Find local fireworks nights and ask neighbours if they’re planning fireworks so you can plan around them
  • Walk earlier when it is still light
  •  Stay at home
  • Feed a large, earlier dinner and stick the heating on to create an environment to settle
  • Create a safe space for your dog, either creating a den or a cosy area to increase settling in a quiet spot
  • Providing enrichment that encourages calming behaviours such as snuffle/licki matts (if your dog enjoys these)
  •  Offer comfort and reassurance to your dog but allow them to be alone if that’s what they prefer
  •  Close blinds/windows and muffle distant sounds with TV or radio
  • Accompany your dog into the garden if they need the toilet (If your dog is a flight risk you can put your dog on lead in the garden)
  •  If your dog struggles with fireworks speak to your vet in advance to prescribe medication